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SpyOff is a counter surveillance company starting-up on SR&ED to provide a Radio Silence Zone "RSZ" for the Protection of People from being tracked or hacked for a chosen certain amount of Time and any location.

With relatively Short SR&ED forecast: 2 years to reach a workable prototype, and 1 years for marketing research for best introduction to the RSZ

SpyOff will employ a full-time employee in the initial start up, with a focus to take in talented young specialists who believe in the cause and can add to the final success

The suggested Radio Silence Zone "RSZ" from Prof. Rushwan is also the Only civil defense against X-rays & γ-rays Silent and secretive corporate assassinations.
As Many emergency services can't detect excessive Radiation initiated by Civilian Sever X-rays & γ-rays behind the walls exposers!, acute radiation syndrome
X-rays and gamma rays are both types of high energy (high frequency) electromagnetic radiation. They are packets of energy that have no charge or mass (weight). These packets of energy are known as photons.
A very high level of radiation exposure delivered over a short period of time can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting within hours and can sometimes result in death over the following days or weeks. This is known as acute radiation syndrome, commonly known as “radiation sickness.” Cancer in long term scenario and Immediate Death in Merciful short term Scenario. Plus every thing mentioned could happen between the two scenarios.