Building the strategy on Blocking & Dumbing 3 layers of breaches; A wide range of radio frequency: 535 Kilohertz to 47 gigahertz An effective dumbing effect on sounds from 30 decibels to 70 decibels A harder than steel shield to prevent physical breach to implant sensors. This explain the strategy of RSZ



As low frequency either in radio or acoustic tends to move around the surfaces and will not be dumbed by one simple layer of materials These uncertainties is the Base of the SR&ED and the base of starting the company based on R&D, and also the reason on not having a reliable RSZ in the market or around the world until now Embassies around the world and many other sensitive agencies require removing any phone because the lack of RSZ A limited frequency range of 125 to 4,000 Hz. When footfall noise transfer issues are low in frequency, a high IIC product may not help. When someone steps or stands on a floor, it will deflect under their weight. This structural deflection will sound like a low frequency thump.



It comes when the best friend becomes the worst enemy, simply because of hacking, ad ware, trojan. The Anti virus and security software providers been proven a big failure in preventing GPS tracking hacks and even sound recording. Prof. Rushwan Tactics is to work on multi layers, although it is not known yet or as industry common knowledge among professionals or counter surveillance firms which frequency and which media electro magnetic / acoustic should be to the outer side, it's not even know yet which is the substrate should be for the higher or lower frequency!



It's agreed in the Start up Strategy for SpyOff to create an RSZ for the comunication media aroung the targeted location to provide a safe zone from Hacking, tracking, eavesdropping, camers breach and spying for a certain amount of time during meetings, traveling, relocating. But still a challenge to provide certainty and guarantee for the protection without a lab test for the following wildly open mode of hacking and communication even if the are not through the cell. Network and repeater towers and unexpected tracking media Connectivity: GPS+AGPS+LBS GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz  GSM/GPRS Bluetooth, wifi,


Frequency analyzers and other equipment

Although the Illegal surveillance market passed 20 billion dollars around the world just in Mass surveillance industry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_surveillance_industry#:~:text=The%20mass%20surveillance%20industry%20is%20a%20multibillion-dollar%20economic,in%202001%20to%20about%20US%245%20billion%20in%202011. on the other hand, most of the counter surveillance products are phony to give a false feeling of safety, and it funny being sold by the same surveillance vendors. It's as selling the virus and anti virus from the same source, obvious conflict of interest available in every country. SpyOff is only for counter surveillance and uses specialized machines and public demonstrations to prove the results we could achieve.