There is no serious competition in counter surveillance yet, although the surveillance business it self around the world surge in frenzy sales passes 70 billion dollars in revenue in revenue:

• Global video surveillance market size 2016-2025 | Statista

from the past project experience, a frenzy competition will start with first sauces, in fact it will start with the first successful  sold prototype.

Back in 1995 Prof. Rushwan, Researcher Hamed at that time introduced the first successful  Canadian Engine Treatment in Walmart after Canadian Tire refused dealing with him despite his unsurpassed demonstration in their stores, after their sales of  thousands of packages of prof. Rushwan RushStar Engine Treatment as Hamed in his twenties became the Youngest supplier in the Walmart supply Chain!.   By the end of the year, both Walmart and Canadian Tire Shelfs became packed by more than 10th of new competitors!

canadian_tire_rushstar_engine_treatment_1x.png (698×902) (

rushstar_engine_treatment_2_1x.png (703×902) (

Professor_RUSHWAN_Advertized_1x.jpg (716×1024) (

First_approved_products_for_Professor_RUSHWAN_in_walmart_as_canadian_tire_racism_provented_him_from_doing_business_xx_1x.png (676×585) (

So our plan is to expect a fierce  Competition beyond business ethics and custom, but with continuous SR&ED we intend to be on top of High End Product in this field, and also to break the automotive parts after market sales monopoly that Canadian tire possessed in the past by the internet gateways.